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My name is Christian Zommerfelds. I'm a passionate computer and data scientist. Creating this website was mainly a fun technical and design project, but it's also an attempt to write down and share my thoughts with the world. If you have any comments, please don't hesitate to leave a message!


  • Thoughts On Free Will
  • Is free will real? Philosophical discussion about determinism, free will and compatibilism.

  • Donut Progress Bar in CSS and JavaScript
  • How to create a circular progress bar with an image inside.

    About Me

    about me
    Rock climbing the Chemiflue in Switzerland.

    I currently live in Bern in Switzerland and work in Zurich as a software engineer. Feel free to download my resume here.

    I love ...

    • data science
      I try to keep up with the newest research in neural networks and AI technology. Deep reinforcement learning is a captivating domain and the paper about deep Q-networks is one of my favorites overall!
    • game design
      My first contact with programming was made by making video games. I still love to design games and every once in a while, develop one.
    • startups
      Transforming how businesses work and designing new technologies is a passion of mine. I'm getting ready to make my next big step in this direction.
    • beer brewing
      Beer originates from a highly complex biochemical process that creates amazing varieties and tastes. Hopefully I'll get to post something about our family brewery soon (this is why I registered the zommerfelds.com domain in the first place).
    • rock climbing
      Rock climbing can both be a very zen and intense sport. I never get tired of it!


    Coming soon: This section will list a few projects that I am working on.

    Contact Me

    Don't hesitate to send me a message via the form below.